Easy to score
with T-Mobile_


T-Mobile wanted to achieve substantial growth in the number of mobile connections in the short term, with an attractive product range as motivation.


In response to the transfer period for professional football, T-Mobile is also opening the transfer market to switch to the best club in the Netherlands. With the best deals and the best products, this is the ideal tip to head into. Logical…

In a number of online commercials we follow the transition of (amateur) football player Mike. Here he discovers the many advantages of T-Mobile and sees his switch immediately rewarded with fantastic offers and benefits.

During the transfer period, Mike became an ambassador for T-Mobile and also brought in new members himself through social advertising. Anyone who responded to the content could, just like Mike, sign a super-sharp offer.

The campaign was nominated for the Festival of Media Global Award in the category “Best campaign for Commerce” and we proved that the use of YouTube could indeed lead to sales.

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