Dive into the
police archives ’40-’45_


Erfgoed Leiden wants to digitize the police archives from the Second World War and make them accessible to everyone with the help of volunteers.

To communicate this initiative, a theme, style and logo are required. Supplemented with a recruitment campaign for volunteers and structural efforts to bring the initiative and the stories from the archives to the attention of the target group.


“Dossier071. Toegang tot de politiearchieven ’40-’45” became the theme for the recruitment and public campaign. The theme responds to curiosity and activates the target group to search.

Each police archive contains unique stories, situation sketches, police notes, photographs and testimonies about perpetrators and victims. Information that normally remains “closed”, but is now accessible to everyone.

The initiative was widely spread through a social media campaign, website, newsletters, print, outdoor and the help of the local press.

For the archives and more information, visit www.dossier071.nl

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